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Be sure to use the links below to practice typing at home.  Remember to follow the Top Ten Typing Tips and give your fingers a rest after about 15 minutes.  


Help remind your students to use the proper typing positions while on the computer.  If you are currently using a public computer you may wish to print the picture of the keyboard below to take home.  This way students can practice at home.

If your school does not currently have a typing program you may want to use one of the links below for some simple yet effective typing activities. 


Check out some of our favorite Typing Sites!

Dance Mat Typing
Spider Typer
Type Master
Speedy Typer
Sky Words
Growing with Technology
Level 2 Typing With Booker
Level 3 Typing with Carmen
Level 4 Typing with Dwanyne
Level 5 Typing with Yasmin


Top 10 Typing Tips

Sit 3 inches away from computer
Back not touching chair
Leaning slightly forward
Hands on “home row”
Eyes on monitor
Feet flat on floor
Elbows tucked in
Wrists flat
Strive for speed
Strive for accuracy



Check out this great typing resource:

 "Learn to Type on the Web: A Review for Students and Professionals"

Thanks to Barbara Hayes and the
"After Skool Kids"







Typing Websites


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